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About Me:

Alex Mott – Certified Rolfer™

My journey to Rolfing was simple, I play way too many sports and injure myself, A LOT.  In the end the answer was simple, but, I had to learn what “Rolfing” was first, let alone even discover it. 

My personal benefits from receiving the “ten series” were; being able to ski again without the nagging pain in my lateral leg muscles, improved soccer ability and a decrease in the usual aches and pains one gets from playing soccer, becoming a much better climber and in the end, my body just made more sense to me, it felt balanced. Perhaps the biggest gain from Rolfing though, my chronic headache I had been experiencing on a daily basis for TEN YEARS was gone,  and it wasn’t because I had MS or a tumor (as the neck and brain MRI so aptly revealed). It was due to my head, neck, shoulders, feet…okay, my whole body being smashed around my whole life due to an active lifestyle.  My cervical vertebrae were rotated and most likely pinching my vertebral arteries where they run through C1 and C2, one of my parietals was overlapping the other making my head feel compressed, and then there were some holding patterns in my breathing, the way I “fixed” my shoulders, and the crazy positions I was sleeping and sitting in for long periods of time.  So in the end, it was the easy answers 😉 What kills me though, is that none of the practitioners before Rolfing were even close in their diagnoses. I literally tried everything and spent thousands of dollars (sometimes mine, sometimes my parents, insurance only partly covers the alternative medicine world, sometimes,  so we won’t even go there) and nothing came up. This is just a little bit about me so I hope it helps.

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